Mimics are small Neutral animals that inhabit Dungeons, however may sometimes be found in Palaces or Villages. They often hide among real Chests and Wardrobes.


While idle, Mimics are indistinguishable from Chests and Wardrobes, though the do have a slightly darker hue. When provoked, they will turn into bulky humanoids with a huge torso, short legs, and thick arms. Instead of hands, they have thick bludgeons on their arms. Chest mimics will be 1 meter tall in their true form and wardrobe mimics will be 2-meters tall.


Health (chest): 100

Health (wardrobe): 150


Attack (slam): -50, plus knockback.

Mimics will remain Idle indefinitely. However, as soon as the player attempts to open them or attack them, they will reveal their true form and attack the player. They will not stop attacking the player until one of them is dead.

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