Cheats are a method by which the player can do stuffs.


After hitting the / key, the player will be presented with a menu that will allow them to enable cheats. The player uses the arrow keys to move through the commands, the Enter button to use a cheat, and the Esc button to leave.

List of CheatsEdit

  • noclip: makes the player move at speed 120 and will disable collisions, making it so he/she can move anywhere with no restrictions.
  • godmode: makes the player invulnerable to any form of damage, however they will still be sent to the Alternate Dimension when hit by a Smoke Monster.
  • gamemode: Passive, Hostile, or Static. Passive will cause all Hostile and Neutral-turned-hostile animals to despawn, and will not spawn. Hostile will allow the spawn of Hostile and Neutral-turned-hostile animals to spawn. Static will cause all animals to despawn and prevent them from spawning.
  • Killall: causes all animals in the world to instantly die.
  • suicide:will kill the player.

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